Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit at the Morris Arboretum



Identifying Opportunity
Creating Customer Value
Video Production


How to increase exhibit awareness and entice potential buyers of displayed kinetic sculptures using established online portals


Shareable video content highlighting the illusory effects of the kinetic sculpture exhibit for placement on Facebook, Instagram, and the arboretum’s website landing page.


Following the grand opening of the Lyman Whitaker exhibit, our co-founder, Daeshaun noticed that there was no content presenting the kinetic sculpture exhibit outside of stagnant information displayed on the Morris Arboretum website. Morris also had an established online community developed through social media that were not being notified.
With four months left in the exhibit, we reached out to the Director of Marketing at Morris and discussed the benefits of developing video content for the exhibit. Our collaborative milestones were to increase exhibit awareness and sculpture sales by populating social media channels and adding motion to webpage visuals reflective of the kinetic sculptures.

Opportunity Identified:

Create content previous attendees of the exhibit can share with friends and family that captures their experience

Use video to display the sculptures online to potential buyers who are not able to attend the exhibit

Attract new customers by providing entertaining content linked to the exhibit


We noticed that Morris had a strong family oriented demographic so we wanted to create a video that felt family friendly while being heavily focused on the kinetic sculptures.

By bringing value to the customer, we are able to capture the viewer’s attention, draw them in, and make the Morris Arboretum brand a destination for family fun.


People have become increasingly visually oriented. Instead of reading lengthy text to digest information, video has become the quickest and most entertaining medium to consume information.
First we determined our video intention – To inform visitors of The Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit of Lyman Whitaker at the Morris Arboretum and showcase sculpture variety should someone desire to purchase.
We wanted the video to be:

Concise and Short – Straight to the point

Display a variety or sculptures – there are over 50 sculptures in the exhibit 

Convey the fun and magic that the Morris brand represents –  Use the kinetic sculpture visuals to reflect the Morris Brand

By utilizing video, we are able to elicit a different energy that photography and text cannot replicate.


By adding different editing techniques, color grading, and sound design, we provided a unique and memorable look to the video. One that is:


Entertaining – Intro peaks curiosity

Unique – Uses atypical views of the sculptures

Informs –  There is a new exhibit happening now, go see it!

Awareness –  The flower garden has more to offer than plants

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