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The Message
Brand and Identity Design
Video Production


To accurately reflect the culture and identity of the Horsham Athletic Club to it’s online communities.


A culture video used for Facebook ads, social media, and the website landing page identifying the Horsham Athletic Club as a community and culture focused athletic facility.


The project began with a meeting at the Horsham Athletic Club (HAC) between Mor11’s co-founders and HAC’s general manager. We had a tour of the facility and amenities, followed by an introduction to the staff and trainers. Experiencing the space firsthand provided our team insight and clarity on the HAC brand.

Afterwards we began the most important step – asking the right questions. Our team is here to create a solution to a problem and we want our videos to be that solution.

Through this session we were able to:


We identified that a key customer at HAC is one that values community. Striving for self improvement, he or she is at the gym working towards a goal and wants to surround themselves with like minded members.

There is a rich community at the HAC but there are very few ways to share or reflect on that community with friends, fellow members, and potential customers.



Culture and community is very important to the HAC. The goal is to attract new customers that value an athletic facility rich in community.


Our message was focused on “why” members choose to go to the gym day after day. We wanted to identify the driving force that pushes members consistently through intense routines.

We set our sights on asking members “Why Do You HAC”. What is the reason you come to the HAC? Why do you choose to push your limits everyday?


Our team wanted the video to be consistent with the brand’s color palette. We chose to stick with brightest and darkest colors within the palette to create an intense but motivational look for the video. This feeling resonated perfectly with the Why Do You HAC message.

To emphasize the Why Do You HAC theme and establish it as the forefront of the media campaign, we dedicated a section of the video to bold typography reflective of the message. This section is memorable as the arch of the video concept.


How we define quality content:

It appeals to the heart

It’s shareable

It breaks through the noise

We chose to use real members and their stories as the narrative for the video. This approach is a catalyst for organic video engagement because members who are apart of the video or know someone in the video will naturally want to share it.

By using atypical graphic layouts, color grading, and sound design, we provided a unique and memorable look to the video. One that is:

Entertaining – Contains family and friends doing what they love with a supporting community.


Engaging – Proposes the question to others. What is motivating you throughout your day?


Informs – The Horsham Athletic club is a home for those who aim to push their personal limits and be supported by those who strive to do the same.


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